Handle-free, Redefined

Chef Chele Gonzalez shows us the powerful effect of light in the SLX kitchen through a dish that transforms with the change of one simple yet significant element.

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Chocolate Bonbons

with Coco Sugar Caramel Filling

The delicate art of making chocolate requires a lot of craftsmanship and attention to detail, similar to how the SLX recessed grip was made.

SLX Images

Chef Chele’s chocolate bonbons mirror the ribbed design of the recessed grip to echo the feel and texture of this key feature. Inside these delicate chocolate pieces is a gooey coco sugar caramel filling inspired by the golden color of the recessed grip.

SLX Kitchen Image

When the SieMatic 60 was first introduced to the market in 1960, it ushered in a new era of kitchen design. Handle-less became the new standard. In redefining this iconic kitchen concept, SieMatic redesigned the most important part of a handle-free kitchen: its recessed grip.

SLX Images

The recessed grip of the SLX kitchen makes opening & closing cabinet doors and drawers a tactile experience. With a delicate proportion of just 6.5mm, it is ergonomically designed to have a perfect angle and a ribbed texture for better grip. It is also concave in design so it adapts perfectly to the fingers.

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