The Art of Light

Chef Chele Gonzalez shows us the powerful effect of light in the SLX kitchen through a dish that transforms with the change of one simple yet significant element.


Grilled Tenderloin

on Parmesan Mashed Potatoes with Choice of Two Sauces and Two Shavings: Beef Jus & Parmesan and Béarnaise & Truffles

Each element of a dish is essential to its total experience. The use of two different sauces and varying flavor profiles in this dish highlights a very significant element of the SLX kitchen—its light strips. An innovative addition to the kitchen, the various modes of the SLX light strips greatly contribute to the mood and atmosphere of the room.

SLX Images

A contrast between light and dark

Chef Chele uses the main elements of this dish to show a contrast between light and dark elements— the dark colored steak rests on top of the light mashed potatoes, and the two different sauces represent the SLX’s play on lights.

SLX Kitchen Image

Light in an SLX kitchen isn’t just used for illumination. Its temperature and brightness can be controlled individually, directly affecting the atmosphere of the kitchen and the mood of its users. The recessed channel was redesigned to subtly integrate lighting strips into its shadow gap. This creates a special 3D effect and enhances the floating look of the countertop.

SLX Images

The light strips can also be used vertically & horizontally in the tall and base cabinets to create elegant lines to create the perfect atmosphere for any time of the day.

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