Visions of Weightlessness

Chef Chele Gonzales takes inspiration from the lightness of the SLX countertops and drawers to create a dish that appears suspended—a delightful treat for the senses.

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Floating Foie Gras Pâté

topped with Blackberry Coulis served with Brioche Toast and Mixed Berry Jam

This sous-vide foie gras dish served in a double-walled glass mimics the suspended look of the SLX elements.

SLX Images

It takes masterful engineering to achieve the illusion of weightlessness.

Much like how the rich flavors of the foie gras and the mousse glace come together in the glass to create a floaty and airy texture, the exceptional finish of the SLX drawers and pull-outs were also expertly engineered to achieve the appearance of weightlessness.

SLX Images
SLX Images

The lightness inherent to the SLX kitchen is especially evident in its drawers, pullouts, and countertops. True to the design principles of SieMatic, these kitchen elements are beyond mere aesthetic additions and serve functional purposes too.

The drawers, pull-outs, and glass shelves inside the glass cabinets were designed to appear as if they were floating in space. The integration of light under these drawers helps achieve the weightless look.

SLX Images
SLX Images

The pull-outs echo the recessed grip design and are mitred so there’s no material thickness seen when it is closed. With its seamlessly perfect corners, angles, and unique play on forms, these pull-outs attest to SieMatic's skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

SLX Kitchen Image

The SLX kitchen also features a delicate 6.5mm thin countertop exclusive only to SieMatic. The interplay of light accents enhances the floating impression of this space. To add to the illusion, the base can be customized to use mirrored plinth panels to make the entire island appear afloat.

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